Cliden has extensive experience in a wide variety of specialties. We thrive on challenges that call for innovative solutions, and we believe the key to our success lies in the extra measure of creativity we bring to the art of building.

Cliden delivers its services in a number of different ways, each dependant upon the needs and expertise of its Clients. Regardless of the type of service provided you can be sure of the quality and professionalism of its staff.

Health and Safety

Cliden’s commitment to safety permeates every aspect of our organisation. We have found that rigorous safety controls don’t detract from the contract, but actually improve relationships and job site efficiency to ensure top quality and value for your project.

Cliden provides worker safety teams that call upon every individual to play an active role in risk prevention. We have also introduced regular meetings on all projects, whether big or small to ascertain that health and safety is being carried out to its full capacity, also to provide any updates that might have been brought in.

The team approach has proven equally effective in our quality assurance program.

We bring managers, sub-contractors, and trades people together with design professionals, if required to define expectations and monitor performance. Through close monitoring, every one reaps the benefits of a safer job site and high quality results.